How Evictions And Resettlement Upend Women’s Working Lives

In Delhi, evictions get you resettlement housing but in areas with little access to job, services or essential facilities. And it is the women who struggle the most with travel and livelihood options

Why Women In Maharashtra Are Agitated About Ration-To-Cash Switch

Ration cardholders in various parts of Maharashtra are complaining that they are being denied food grains even before cash transfers have been made to their bank accounts

For Women Hawkers In Mumbai’s Flower Market, The Day Begins In Jungles

Despite the enervating humidity of the mid-October night in Mumbai, Bhimabai Zunjure, 40, is deftly working a mound of mango leaves into neat bunches. She sits on the bridge leading to the Dadar flower market, and looks up from her work to only sell the leaves which are in high demand for the ongoing Navratri rituals.

How A Trade Unionist Used Art To Power Her Unique Trade Union Journey

Culture is a powerful medium to collectivise and empower the working class, says the veteran union leader

‘I Am Furious With How State, Politicians Neglect The Poor And Marginalised’

In the bastis of east Mumbai, trade union leader Sangeeta Kamble is an ally and friend of the

Indian Women Have No Say In Their Own Healthcare. Here Is How That Can Be Changed

Guwahati: One evening, my partner and I were comparing notes after work. “I had to explain the prognosis of a female patient to her next-door neighbour,” […]

What Beauty Parlours In Jharkhand Villages Tell Us About Gender, Caste And Hope

Parlours are small pockets of rebellion and assertion where girls and young women find solidarity in small towns and villages

How Assam’s Human-Elephant Conflict Is Impacting Women’s Physical And Mental Health

When entire fields and homes are flattened by elephant movement, it is the women, as primary caregivers, who deal with acute anxiety and deprivation

Anger, Anxiety, Loneliness: How Haryana’s Communal Violence Looks Through The Gender Lens

Poverty, injustice and insecurity have added to the vulnerability of the women affected by the communal violence in Haryana

Women Waste Pickers Jeopardise Their Lives For As Little As Rs 100 A Day

In July, a woman rag picker died as her foot caught in a waste truck during a desperate scramble to find valuable scrap. Her story reveals the highly hazardous conditions in which waste pickers work for a pittance

Sleep And Night Time Economy In A Street Vendor Neighbourhood

What are the peculiarities of sleep and rest in the life of a female street vendor who works in a market that opens before dawn? Can alternate ideas of urban planning help reimagine her life, ease her anxieties? We return to Delhi’s Raghubir Nagar for answers

Understanding ‘Rape On Promise Of Marriage’: The Reliance On Caste, Gender Stereotypes

Feminists have critiqued the use of criminal law in ‘rape on the promise of marriage’ but the issue of intersectionalities cannot be ignored

Vending Law Ineffective, Raghubir Nagar’s Pheriwalis Reimagine Safe Work Spaces

In this, the second in the series ‘Placing Work, Mapping Places’, we detail the struggles of Raghubir Nagar’s pheriwalis in dealing with street and State violence. We ask them to reimagine their workspaces as safer, gender-friendly and more productive.

Why Society Needs To Reimagine Care Work, Support We Cannot Do Without

Currently, India’s legal structure shows little respect for care work of any kind

‘Untouchable’ After Birth, Uttarakhand’s New Mothers Are Left In Stressful Isolation

At a time when women urgently need rest, support and monitoring, ritual segregation can be dangerous

Intersectionality, The Missing Link In The Women’s Reservation Bill

Intersectionality has long been ignored in India’s mainstream feminist movement as a critical issue

Illusion Of Freedom Vs Tyranny Of Gig Work: The Dilemma Of Urban Co’s ‘Partners’

There are rising tensions between the aspirations of thousands of workers and the work structure of the gig economy

How Laws Founded On Ideas Of Honour, Purity Have Devastating Effect On Right To Choice

On December 13, 2022 the government of Maharashtra declared the establishment of a 13-member committee to ‘track’ inter-religious marriages. As per the resolution, this ‘interfaith marriage […]

How The Two-Finger Test Perpetuates Rape Myths Centred Around ‘Honour’

Trigger Warning: This piece contains mentions of sexual violence which may be triggering for readers. On October 31, 2022 the Supreme Court of India once again […]

How The Climate Crisis Is Driving Sex Trafficking In Arid Rayalaseema

The livelihood crisis created by scorching summers, failed monsoons and frequent droughts in the arid Rayalaseema region of southwestern Andhra Pradesh has left women from poor […]

Why Forced Restitution Of Conjugal Rights Defies Ideas of Liberty, Equality

In June 1885, a 21-year-old woman, calling herself ‘Hindu Lady’, wrote two letters to The Times of India attacking the ‘wicked institutions’ of infant marriage and […]

Three Lessons On Equality From Supreme Court’s Hijab Verdict

On October 13, the Supreme Court of India passed its judgement on the hijab ban in educational institutions imposed by the Karnataka Government. The two-judge bench […]

India’s Workplace Harassment Law Has Failed Informal, Marginalised Workers

India’s law on sexual harassment at work has failed to account for the experiences of informal sector working women, most of who are from marginalised communities […]

How India’s Falling Maternal Death Rate Masks Acute Regional, Social Disparities

The steady fall in India’s maternal mortality rate over the last two decades glosses over significant variations between states, districts and social groups, show data. Poverty, […]

Why Courts Must Stop Fixating On The ‘Modesty’ Of Survivors Of Sexual Violence

The use of the archaic idea of feminine “modesty” in the interpretation of the penal laws on sexual violence is regressive because it undermines the violation […]

Navigating Statelessness: How Laws Fail Bangladeshi Trafficking Survivors In India

Nafeesa Bibi* (36) was 16 when she left her home in a Bangladesh village and swam across the Ichhamati river into Bongaon in the North 24 […]

Why India’s Abortion Law Still Lacks Principles Of Reproductive Justice

India’s abortion law has evolved over 50 years to become seemingly progressive but it is still not rooted in the idea of reproductive justice, say historians […]

Explainer: Patriarchal Rules Continue To Decide Parenthood In Official Documents

After her undergraduate studies, Tara* decided to take an education loan to pursue a Master’s degree. In her loan application forms she named her mother as […]

Why India Is Struggling With The Burden Of Teen Pregnancies

The pandemic may have undone decades of work in controlling teen pregnancies, shows a Behanbox analysis: at least 7% of all women aged 15-19 years began […]

Why India’s Abortion Law Needs To Be Rid Of Moralism

Last week, the Supreme Court passed an interim order allowing an unmarried woman to abort a 24-week pregnancy. The court ordered the constitution of a Medical […]

Why Women Sugarcane Cutters Of Maharashtra Seek Needless Hysterectomies

Sugarcane cutting is relentless, backbreaking work, say the migrant women workers of Kothi village in Kaij taluka of Maharashtra’s Beed district. You have to hack at […]

A Menstrual Disorder Suffered By Billions of Women Is Still Dismissed Lightly

I always suspected there was something wrong with the way I experience my periods. There were many days that I would feel the onset of PMS […]

How Delays In Victim Compensation Fund Fail Trafficking Survivors

The Calcutta High Court has ordered the Government of West Bengal to ensure adequate funds with the State Legal Services Authority (SLSA) to disburse compensation to […]

How Caste Pride Is Driving The Spate Of Child Marriages In TN

In the evening hours of the last week of May, I was getting ready to attend a political meeting when my phone buzzed. It was Poorvaja*, […]

Perpetrators Change But Violence Follows Bangladeshi Women Across The Indo-Bangladesh Border

How do state borders create and sustain the binaries between ‘citizen’ and ‘foreigner’? What implication do these have on the lived experiences of the women who […]

In Delhi’s Illegal Factories, Hazards, Precarity Are Every Day Challenges For Women Workers

The recent industrial fire at an electronic assembly unit of Cofe Impex Pvt Ltd in west Delhi’s Mundka village has exposed the social and economic precarity […]

Insistence On Digital ID Limits Access To Abortion In India, Raises Privacy Concerns

The insistence on furnishing a digital identity proof, especially Aadhaar, at healthcare facilities not only limits women’s access to abortions, which is highly stigmatised in India, […]

Abortion Is Legal In India But Rules, Stigma Make It Hard To Access

At 25, and into the fourth year of an abusive marriage, N*, discovered that she was eight weeks into an unwanted pregnancy. She approached a doctor […]

Why Climate Impact On Tea Yield Is Making Women Workers Sick

From skin inflammation and blurred vision to respiratory and digestive disorders, women workers in Darjeeling’s tea plantations are struggling with an array of health issues caused […]

How Maternity Leave Policies Discriminate Against Adoptive Mothers And Children

It took nearly a year for Virginia* and her husband to bring home the four siblings they had asked to adopt. The children were aged between […]

India’s Laws Fail To Uphold Abortion Rights Of Women With Disabilities

Arpita Roy Sengupta was 22 years old when her parents, much against her wishes, arranged her marriage in 2007 with Alok*, a deaf person like her. […]