Why Lives And Deaths Of Trans Persons Remain Underreported, Undocumented

Procedural issues around self-identification mean that the real numbers are rarely reflected in official data, show studies

One In Two Trans Men Struggle To Access Basic Healthcare: Study

Most trans men and transmasculine individuals in India end up seeking private medical care because of multiple hurdles to government schemes, says a study

How A Regressive Transgender Act Was Finally Thrown Out

The Telangana High Court recently struck down the state’s Eunuch’s Act which criminalised the entire transgender community. We explain why it was outdated and violative of citizen rights

A Ramble Through Delhi’s Queer History, Told Through Monuments And Subcultures

A heritage walk looks at the capital city’s historic and contemporary spaces through the queer lens, revealing some less known insights

‘Digital Art Gave Me Control Over My Work As A Queer Disabled Artist’

Digital illustrator Ritika Gupta talks about the significance of the digital medium for neurodivergent artists and why community networks for disabled artists must thrive

‘Queer Affirmative Medical Education Should Begin At School, Not College’

Medical education has remained largely binary, focusing on male/female bodies, heterosexuality and Cis-gendered lives. There are nascent efforts now to make medical education – and the […]

‘Life Is Not Over For Trans Persons Over 50, I Want To Use Theatre To Say This’

Theatre can be a powerful, joyful medium for the trans gender community to make its voice heard

Five Years On, Odisha’s Transgender Persons Yet To Get Land Under State Scheme

A range of issues – state apathy, knotty conditions, local hostility – hobble the programme

How Familial Hostility, Binary Laws Hinder Property Rights Of Transgender Persons

Gendered laws and emotional issues between transgender persons and their often estranged families are problem areas


In cities like Lucknow and Varanasi, multiple barriers prevent queer women from accessing safe mental healthcare. Some of them turn to their community for comfort.

It Is Time For Transgender Actors To Shine, In All Kinds Of Roles

The director of ‘Nooramma: Biriyani Durbar’, a play about Tamil Nadu’s biryani entrepreneurs from the transgender community, talks about his oeuvre and theatre as a space that brings many marginalised identities together.

Long shadows in the sunset

With limited support structures, India’s LGBTQIA+ community has to work harder to plan for ageing and infirmity

No Place Like Home

Transgender persons in India constantly negotiate their identities with the spaces they grow up in, live in, or move through in search of a home within and outside.

How Tina, A Van Gujjar Trans Woman, Navigates Many Marginal Identities

At the wedding of her baji (aunt), Tina was so awestruck by the dark red bridal suit that she was adamant she would wear one too. […]

India’s New Transgender Portal Is Caught In Red Tape, Apathy and Bias

Roll call is always traumatising for Veronica Tyagi, 19, a trans woman studying zoology at the Lovely Professional University in Phagwara, Punjab. Every time Tyagi responds […]

How Kerala is A Long Way Off In Gender Affirmative Healthcare For Trans Persons

Anuradha Govindan of Kannur, 38, waited for thirty years to embrace her identity as a transwoman. Before she was able to live the life she wanted, […]

Despite NALSA, Transgender Persons Absent In Government Policies In West Bengal

Silk (28), a transwoman, was in for a shock as she went to cast her vote in Kalyani, in Nadia district of West Bengal in mid-April […]

“We Will Ask For Our Rights In Parliament”: M. Radha, Trans Candidate In Tamil Nadu polls

For M Radha (53), the transgender contestant and her team of fellow trans campaigners, election season meant spending  hours in campaigning  door to door, distributing pamphlets […]

Transgender Persons Invisible In India’s Prisons

Transgender persons in India’s prison systems  remain invisible among all the vulnerable groups, with their rights and dignity as citizens denied, according to a new report […]