A Dream Deferred: How The NEET PG Crisis Has Hurt Women Aspirants

A doctor and a once-NEET aspirant provides an insider perspective on what the ongoing exam crisis means for the healthcare system and especially for women aspirants who have to constantly deal with the pressure to start family life

Why I Want To Put Begamati Zubaan, The Vivid Urdu Of Zenanas, On Stage

Women’s Urdu was pungent, it drew from the world around, and it makes for great theatre

Why Bastar’s Young Adivasi Women Struggle For A University Education

It is difficult for young Adivasis to leave home and head for neighbouring towns or far metros to join universities. For the women, these challenges are multiplied by fear of the city and social biases

Indian Women Have No Say In Their Own Healthcare. Here Is How That Can Be Changed

Guwahati: One evening, my partner and I were comparing notes after work. “I had to explain the prognosis of a female patient to her next-door neighbour,” […]

‘Digital Art Gave Me Control Over My Work As A Queer Disabled Artist’

Digital illustrator Ritika Gupta talks about the significance of the digital medium for neurodivergent artists and why community networks for disabled artists must thrive

‘Life Is Not Over For Trans Persons Over 50, I Want To Use Theatre To Say This’

Theatre can be a powerful, joyful medium for the trans gender community to make its voice heard

It Is Time For Transgender Actors To Shine, In All Kinds Of Roles

The director of ‘Nooramma: Biriyani Durbar’, a play about Tamil Nadu’s biryani entrepreneurs from the transgender community, talks about his oeuvre and theatre as a space that brings many marginalised identities together.

Why Focus Must Shift From What Restricts Women’s Employment To What Works For Them

As a young PhD student just embarking on research, I was very certain that I wanted to contribute to the field of education economics. After completing […]

Why India’s Nomadic Tribes Must Have Access To Toilets And Dignity

“You are talking about money for ration. Forget hundreds of rupees for food, we don’t have Rs 10 to give to the toilet attendant for our […]

A Menstrual Disorder Suffered By Billions of Women Is Still Dismissed Lightly

I always suspected there was something wrong with the way I experience my periods. There were many days that I would feel the onset of PMS […]

How Caste Pride Is Driving The Spate Of Child Marriages In TN

In the evening hours of the last week of May, I was getting ready to attend a political meeting when my phone buzzed. It was Poorvaja*, […]