Elderly women who fear this will be their last vote, women from minority communities keen to back democratic norms – missing from the electoral list these women feel deprived of their right to vote in what was a historic election

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  • Why Elderly Women With Disabilities Are At Highest Risk of Abuse, Neglect

    Forced to depend on their family for support and care because of social norms and ineffective government policies, elderly women with disabilities are highly vulnerable to […]

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  • Why It Is Hard For Disabled Women, Queer Persons To Leave Abusive Partners

    Reema*, 32, has been married for about five years but the man she thought would be her life partner has turned out to be a stranger […]

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  • Trans Persons With Disabilities Lack Enabling Social Systems and Healthcare Support

    India has laws and support systems for both transgender persons and people with disabilities, but none for those who are both identities – trans persons with […]

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  • Desire, Sexuality And Choice: Disabled Indian Women And Queer Persons On Their Experiences

    When they were 18, Nu, a non-binary person with physical and speech disabilities, recalls apologising often to their dates: “I’m sorry I walk with a crutch. […]

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  • Women With Disabilities Have To Constantly Negotiate Between Isolation And Intrusion

    Barely a month before her 12th grade board exams, Kavya Mukhija (now 23) had to take a week’s sick leave from school. She had contracted a […]

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  • Tangled In Red Tape, The Disability ID Card Process Is Steeped With Gender Barriers

    Khushi, 18, was elated to get admission to her dream Delhi University college to study English literature. Then, the teen, who was diagnosed with a visual […]

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  • Who Gets To Be A Mother? How Disabled Women Are Absent In The Idea of motherhood

    A few weeks ago, Hera* and her toddler stared at the wall in awe. The light that gleamed through the broken glass pieces of the bangles […]

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  • ‘How will you manage?’ How Disabled Women Are Forced Into Surgical Procedures

    Nearly a decade ago, Smitha*, who lives with cerebral palsy,  underwent a surgery to remove fibroids from her uterus. The doctors, at the time, asked if […]

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  • India’s Laws Fail To Uphold Abortion Rights Of Women With Disabilities

    Arpita Roy Sengupta was 22 years old when her parents, much against her wishes, arranged her marriage in 2007 with Alok*, a deaf person like her. […]