‘With UCC, The State Has Become A Father Figure That Sanctions Who We Love’

In a wide-ranging interview on the controversial Uniform Civil Code swiftly pushed through by the Uttarakhand government, feminist legal scholar Surbhi Karwa explains how the law has weaponised the language of women’s rights without actually advancing them

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How Laws Founded On Ideas Of Honour, Purity Have Devastating Effect On Right To Choice

On December 13, 2022 the government of Maharashtra declared the establishment of a 13-member committee to ‘track’ inter-religious marriages. As per the resolution, this ‘interfaith marriage […]

How The Two-Finger Test Perpetuates Rape Myths Centred Around ‘Honour’

Trigger Warning: This piece contains mentions of sexual violence which may be triggering for readers. On October 31, 2022 the Supreme Court of India once again […]

Why Forced Restitution Of Conjugal Rights Defies Ideas of Liberty, Equality

In June 1885, a 21-year-old woman, calling herself ‘Hindu Lady’, wrote two letters to The Times of India attacking the ‘wicked institutions’ of infant marriage and […]

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India’s law on sexual harassment at work has failed to account for the experiences of informal sector working women, most of who are from marginalised communities […]