Women Volunteers of the Penthakata urban slum who started the Resilience Fund.


A “Resilience Fund” by women in coastal Odisha is Helping Them Cope With COVID-19: Story of Women of Penthakata Urban Slum in Puri

Satyavathi (48) has borne the brunt of disasters before and knows the heavy toll it takes on the lives and livelihoods of families. On 3 May 2019, when Cyclone Fani, a category 4 cyclone struck the coast of Odisha, her slum dwelling in Penthakata in the coastal town of Puri was razed to ground. The devastating cyclone made her realise the importance of community based coping strategies in the aftermath of any disaster.So, Satyavathi along with 652 women from the Penthakata urban slum in Puri formed a Self Help Group (SHG) and started a Resilience Fund- a  community fund to