Adivasi Women from the Banabahini Utpadaka Gosthi Collective, Sambalpur District, Odisha Photo courtesy: Ipsita Behera, Vasundhara

Adivasi Rights

A double blow for Adivasi Women Collectives

” We are unable to sell Mahul flowers in the market due to the lockdown. Lockdown has taken our  livelihood away”, said Baijanti Kalo of Bamandagarh village  in Jamankira Block of Sambalpur District in Odisha. “ We can only eat rice and salt now. But there is no money to buy salt even”, she said in despair.The lockdown imposed by the government of India to contain the Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted the livelihood of marginalized forest dwellers, especially women like Baijanti of Kondh tribe,  who depend on minor forest produce (MFP) for their livelihood. The minor forest produce that Adivasi women