Sonam Dolma, the leader of Kaza Mahila Mandal in Spiti Valley submitting a petition to the ADM to drop the FIR against the women who protested against the state’s agriculture minister, Ramlal Markhanda. Photo Credit: Himshi Singh
Adivasi Rights

Women Criminalised For Protecting Spiti Valley

For the past 6 months, Sonam Dolma (29) along with 15 women, has stood guard at the entrance gate everyday in Kaza town- the gateway to the Spiti valley- in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh (HP). The aim of the women of this small vulnerable hill region with a population of 12,445 ( as per 2011 census) to protect themselves from the risk of Covid-19 infection from outsiders. 72% of Spiti’s population is Scheduled Tribes.These women,  who are part of the Kaza Mahila Mandal (Kaza Women’s group), monitor every vehicle and person who comes into Kaza and ensure that